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[ID]factory Think Tank for the Production of Innovation “Economy needs innovation”.

This platitude expresses demand on the one hand and helplessness on the other. How is “innovation, which is a product obviously much sought-after, produced? Who produces innovations? Is there a method or does innovation appear from nowhere like manna?

Home of innovative thinking is without any doubt the field of art, more precisely of artistic thinking and acting. The Center for Art Transfer asks itself, how the “production of innovation” works and how artistic thinking can be transferred to non-artistic fields.

Our economic system is currently undergoing a historical process of change. It is continually becoming more obvious that immaterial economic factors, soft facts, are in the focus and that future challenges cannot be faced with thinking inside the box and normative structures. Interdependencies and networks have become multifarious, the complexity of companies has multiplied. Clear positioning in unison with flexible think and action strategies is necessary. The key focus is on the personal competence of employees and managers, as it is essential for a sustainable corporate development. It is about organizing the whole thing in one form which emphasizes interdisciplinarity, flexible perceptions, cross-linked mental processes and visionary development capacities.

The designers of future have to be prepared for that.

Position, person and work in constant reflection of the surrounding has always been the key competence of artistic work.

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